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Poppy, funky, yet firmly alternative, the Rain Rabbit LP finds Transcontinental online duo Kyle Brauch and Craig Bennett as an acutely adept songwriting team, weaving infectious original material alongside creatively reimagined classic songs.

Comprised of five originals (including lead single, "Long Way Home") and five covers that inspired the group while recording (Thompson Twins, Oingo Boingo, R.E.M., The Cure, Peter Murphy), Rain Rabbit's self-titled debut is set for an April 16, 2021 release to all major digital platforms.

Rain Rabbit's history began in 2016 when both multi-instrumentalists met on the now-defunct website Bandhub. Although Brauch is US-based and Bennett in Australia, the site allowed global musicians to perform and record songs remotely together. After making several covers for fun, a friendship was formed and the two began discussing making a proper album.

Recording of the Rain Rabbit LP began in March 2019, with the album material written, performed, and recorded in their respective studios between Chicago and Brisbane. After a little help from Grammy Award winning saxophonist Fabian Hernandez and longtime Vegas-based collaborator Alicia Perrone, the album was mastered by John Naclerio in New York in early 2021.

Although this LP has mostly been a long distance collaboration, the two finally met in person in September 2019 in Chicago. Truly a product of our modern times and technology, the Rain Rabbit LP still simultaneously sounds like yesterday and tomorrow.

Rain Rabbit LP


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